Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment with...

「The Gnomon Workshop」の新チュートリアル「ROBOTIC 3D DESIGN FOR ENTERTAINMENT With Vitaly Bulgarov」のプロモーション映像が公開!Softimage健在


Easily Create 2 Types Of Pillows - 衣系モデリ...

Travis Davids氏による 衣類系モデリング&シミュレーションソフト「Marvelous Designer(マーベラスデザイナー)」で2種類の枕を作るチュートリアル動画です。


Toshihiro Nakamura Animation Demo Reel -...

アニメーションスタジオ「トンコハウス」のリードアニメーター中村 俊博氏によるアニメーションデモリールが公開!


Shot Sculpt 1.0 - ジオメトリアニメーションを直感的に調整できる...

Luiz Elias氏が開発、Alembic等のジオメトリアニメーションを直感的に調整できる3Dスカルプトソフト「ShotSculpt 1.0 」が公開!


アナトミーとフォース 構造と機能から描く躍動感ある人体 - マイケル・マテジ著書...

マイケル・マテジ(Michael Mattesi)著書「FORCE: Drawing Human Anatomy (Force Drawing Series)」の日本語版!「アナトミーとフォース 構造と機能から描く躍動感ある人体 」ボーンデジタルから8月に発売予定!


MARI 2.0 is out now - プロシージャルレイヤー機能搭載!Foundryの誇る3Dペイントソフト新バージョンがリリース!
The Foundryがアナウンス通り3DペイントソフトウェアMARIのバージョン2.0をリリース!



The FoundryのVimeoチャンネルからはMARI2.0の機能を使ったチュートリアル動画が多数UPされています。



  • Procedural Layers – A powerful procedural engine is built into the heart of the layer stack; offering fluid, GPU accelerated real time procedural noises, patterns, projections and more. Procedural layers mean artists can easily create the look they want, seamlessly blending procedural and painted detail with the same toolkit.
  • Mask groups – In MARI 2.0, rather than a single mask per layer, each layer’s mask is a full layer stack in its own right. Artists can use blending, groups, adjustments and procedurals in their masks for a much more flexible, and non-destructive, workflow.
  • Shared layers – We don’t think artists should have to waste time keeping track of how and where they have reused layers and masks. MARI 2.0 introduces a unique layer concept, shared layers, to ensure that artists can spend more time painting. A shared layer is one that appears multiple times in the same stack, or is shared between stacks, and is automatically and instantly updated wherever it is used.
  • Streamlined layer view – With powerful grouping, tagging and filtering options, the layer view in MARI 2.0 means even highly complex stacks are easy to navigate and control.
  • Every channel is now a full, non-destructive, layer stack.
  • Shaders now use layered channels to control every aspect of the surface look including diffuse, displacement and specularity.
  • Fully updated .PSD support means MARI 2.0 works seamlessly with Adobe® Photoshop® and other paint software that reads industry standard .PSD files.
  • All the control and flexibility artists know and love from 2D painting applications is now available in full 3D, directly on the model.


The Foundry Mari 2.0 is out now


  1. Substance Painter


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