Marbling Maker Material v2.0 - Substance...

以前紹介した、”村落”のSubstance Designerマテリアル等でもお馴染み、Emrecan Cubukcu氏が今度はマーブル模様を生成する為のマテリアル「Marbling Maker Material」作成し、販売しております。

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Troll - Goodbye Kansas&Deep Forest Films...

Goodbye KansasとDeep Forest Filmsからのリアルタイムショートフィルム「Troll」が公開!Unreal Engine 4.22とリアルタイムレイトレーシング機能を活用しています。

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Chaos Tech Demo GDC 2019 - アンリアルエンジン4.23...

「Chaos」というアンリアルエンジン向け新物理/破壊シミュレーションエンジンのテクノロジーデモが先日行われた「State of Unreal」にて公開されました。Unreal Engine 4.23にて早期アクセス状態となるそうです。

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Quake II RTX GTC 2019 Demo Walkthrough -...

1997年に発売されたid Softwareの名作FPS「Quake 2(クエイクツー)」をリアルタイムレイトレーシングに対応させた「Quake II RTX」の最新デモ映像です。

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Unity 2019 Megacity - Unityで何百万ものオブジェクトを...

以前紹介したUnityのデモ「Megacity」がGDC 2019に合わせてリリースされました!何百万ものオブジェクトを効率的に描画!

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Houdini 12.5 リリース! - クラウドFX!オーシャンFX!OpenVDB!ボリュームスカルプトツールも搭載!もう怖いものなし?!

houdini 12.5
Side Effects Softwareは、3Dアニメーション・VFXソフトウェア
Houdini 12.5をリリース!


第1回:シーン制作するための準備 キャラクター・背景編 | MotionBuilderでカットシーン制作 | AREA JAPAN




Cloud FX Tools

New Cloud sculpting and rendering toolset available on a dedicated shelf:

  • Cloud Rig – This tool creates a cloud network using the Cloud, Cloud Noise and Cloud Light nodes in combination along with a Sunlight and Skylight to create a complete cloud setup.
  • Cloud – This tool converts geometry into a cloud volume and a gives you control over the shape and density of the volume. Secondary Shapes can be added to give your volume a puffier look.
  • Cloud Noise – This tool adds a noise pattern to the volume to create a more distinct cloud-like shape.
  • Cloud Light – This tool computes a light field to support the rendering of the volume. This approximates the scattering of light in a cloud to create a more efficient rendering.
  • These Cloud tools are built using the new OpenVDB Sparse Volume tools.

Ocean FX Tools

New Ocean FX tools make it easier to integrate ocean surfaces into your VFX work:

  • Ocean Waves – This tool uses volumes to deform geometry to create an animated ocean surface. You can visualize the results in the viewport then export a displacement texture to use at render time. This tool is on the Deform shelf.
  • Wave Tank – This tool creates a FLIP fluid simulation with whitewater from an underlying ocean surface. This tool is on the Particle Fluids shelf.
  • WhiteWater – New, unified whitewater solver creates spray, foam and churn based on an underlying FLIP fluid sim. This tool is on the Particle Fluids shelf.
  • Mist – This tool emits mist particles into a smoke simulation one-way based on an underlying FLIP fluid sim. This tool is on the Particle Fluids shelf.
  • New Ocean Spectrum and Ocean Evaluate geometry nodes used to generate ocean surface, volume and point outputs.

Sparse Volumes

  • Native support for OpenVDB primitives. OpenVDB is an open source C++ library comprising a novel hierarchical data structure and a suite of tools for the efficient storage and manipulation of sparse volumetric data and is developed and maintained by DreamWorks Animation Visit for more information.
  • Over a dozen VDB geometry nodes to create, manipulate and convert VDB volumes: Convert, Activate, Advect Points, Analysis, Combine, Fracture, From Particles, From Polygons, Renormalize SDF, Resample, Reshape SDF, Smooth, Smooth SDF, Vector Merge, Vector Split, Visualize Tree.
  • Native viewport and Mantra support for VDB primitives.
  • VDB volumes in Mantra have support for vector VEX attributes.
  • SOP support for doing forward and inverse Fast Fourier transforms on 2D and 3D volumes: Volume FFT SOP.


  • Accurate handling of droplet particles.
  • Faster and more scalable FLIP fluid simulations.
  • Fully OpenCL-accelerated Gas simulation pipeline in Pyro.
  • OpenCL DOP for custom acceleration of simulation performance.
  • The FLIP solver can now handle animated density and viscosity as well as animated timescales.
  • FLIP fluids now use OpenVDB to generate the fluid surface and use uniform volumes for rendering.


  • New constraint types: Slider and Cone Axis which is useful for rag-doll simulation.
  • Ability to handle concave geometry.
  • Support for Cylinder geometry types.
  • Support for interpenetrating or “bad” geometry.
  • More reliable behaviour under complex scenarios.
  • Ability to visualize objects that have been put to sleep by the Bullet solver.
  • Ability to toggle collision detection between objects.
  • Ability to handle an animated centre of mass.
  • General performance improvements.


  • Optimized performance and collision support.
  • Support for panel workflows.
  • Support for per-vertex multiplier attributes, in addition to per-point attributes, offering more freedom in controlling the behavior of parts of the cloth.
  • UV support for triangles and cloth — the UV coordinates represent the threading of the material and make the solver independent of the underlying topology.
  • Improved force model, with more independence between stretch, shear and bend.
  • Visualization of velocity and surface collision thickness which takes into account the point thickness attribute.
  • Cloth shear stiffness and damping are now independent of their stretch equivalents.

Hair and Fur

  • New, surface-based collision – more accurate than the existing volume-based collision method.


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