FLIP Fluids v1.2.0 - Blenderの定番流体シミュレーショ...

Ryan Guy氏とDennis Fassbaender氏によって開発!Blender内で高品質の流体エフェクトを作成できる強力な液体シミュレーションアドオン「FLIP Fluids」のv1.2.0がリリースされていました。

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Tools:Q Animation - スタジオカラー&ドワンゴ&麻生塾共同設立...

株式会社ドワンゴ、麻生専門学校グループ、株式会社カラー、三社が共同設立したアニメ・CG制作会社「株式会社プロジェクトスタジオQ」からBlender向けアニメーション作業効率化アドオン「Tools:Q Animation」が公開されました。

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RizomUV 2022 - UV展開専用ソフトの最新アップデートがリリース!高...

Rizom-LabによるUVマッピングソフトウェアの最新アップデート「Rizom 2022」がリリースされました。

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Index Viewer for Blender 3.0 - Geometry ...

Mohammed Riaz氏によるビューで頂点、エッジ、およびポリゴンのインデックスを表示可能にするGeometry Nodes向けノードグループ「Index Viewer for Blender 3.0+」がGumroad上で無償配布されています。

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Freeze Generator - Blender 3.0のGeometry ...

Blenderesse(Miettinen Jesse氏)による、Blender 3.0Beta版で作成されたGeometry Nodes活用の凍結表現.blendファイルがGumroad上で販売されています。

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Maya、3ds Max のインディー版 | AREA JAPAN | Autodesk

Houdini 19 Sneak Peek - 膨大な量の機能強化が予定されている次期バージョンのスニークピークが公開!アップデートリストもあるよ

SideFXの3DCGソフトウェア「Houdini」次期バージョンである「Houdini 19」のスニークピークが公開されました。


ドラゴンクエストXII | タイトル | 中途採用 | SQUARE ENIX -RECRUTING-

Houdini 19 Sneak Peek

Houdini 19 アップデート内容

  • Solaris for Layout & Environments
    • Unique brush-based framework for large-scale set dressing
    • HDA-driven brush architecture with unlimited customizibility
    • Standard brushes include fill, place, nudge, orient, delete
    • Full access to verbified/compiliable SOP networks
    • Natively embedded Edit LOP functionality with Physics
    • USD component builder with auto-tumbnail generation
    • PDG-assisted creation of layout asset gallery
    • User-defined asset working sets
    • USD asset browser
  • Karma
    • Beta tag removed indicate production readiness
    • Excellent first-pixel perfirmance for IPR
    • Much improved final image quality and performance
    • Path guiding for indirect rays to help with “difficult” lighting
    • Camera frustum optimizations for volumes
    • Improved motion blur on crowd agents
    • Improved holdout/matte workflow
    • Support for deep camera maps
    • Better Albedo AOV output
    • Improved memory usage
    • Improved sampling quality
    • Ability to render USD pinned curves for hair & far
    • Shading: VEX, USD Preview SUrface, MaterialX shader graphs
    • Dedicated PBR Hair and Volume shaders
    • Redesigned Karma LOP UI for greater ease of use
    • Karma ROP for instant rendering of non-USD Houdini scenes
    • Alpha access to Karma XPU with limited feature set (not for production)
  • Grooming
    • Completely redesigned grooming toolset
    • Many new tools and interactve brushes
    • 10-100x faster hair sculpting with GuideGroom
    • Fast planting: choice of single hairs of scatter brushes
    • Extensive mirroring capabilities
    • Powerful grouping and masking
    • Native support for Vellum physics brushes
    • Specialized Karma CPU and XPU hair shaders
  • Muscle, Tissue, Skin(Bata)
    • Unfied muscle, tissue, skin rigging and simulation system
    • SOP-based workflow with Vellum soft body simulation built-in
    • Constraints and physical properties configured procedurally as attributes
    • Physical system independent of tet-mesh resolution
    • Non-destructive and fully interactive
    • Modular, with a pipeline-frendly approach
    • Every stage can be simulated and/or (partly) animated
    • Natural-looking muscle sliding
    • Fine wrinkling support via skin layer
    • Native muscle tensioning system with customizable triggers
    • Automatic computation of natural fibre direction
    • Realtime muscle fibre “grooming” for added artistic control
    • Interactive painting of all properties, e.g. stiffness and density
    • Full access to Houdini`s geometry and visualization toolset
  • Pyro
    • Growing SOP-based toolset to help source and shape comples setups:
    • Shockwave, Particle Trail, Muzzle Flash, Blast Rings, adn more
    • More one-click pyro effects via shelf tools
    • Even more powerful, realtime minimmal pyro solver
    • Ability to track burning objects in realtime using minimal solver
    • New force nodes, e.g. GasAxisForce, fine turned for minimal solver
    • Cinematic quality results with realtime GL viewport
    • High quality viewport flipbooks suitable for use in game engines
    • Specialized volume shaders in Karma CPU and XPU for stunning results
    • Ability to scale simulation velocities smoothly and accurately
    • Extrapolation of velocity into new tiles
    • Improved DebrisSource node for secondary pyro elements
    • Completely redesigned pyro solver UI for increased ease of use
  • Vellum
    • Now a fully complate, unified multi-solver
    • Native support for XPBD fluids
    • Native support for XPBD rigid bodies and plasticiy
    • Expanded use of OpenCL for faster interactive performance
    • Realtimne grain simulation with minimal Vellum solver
    • 2-4x faster5 grains with regular Vellum solver
    • Interactive brushes for fluid and grain sculpting
    • Optimized crowd agent unpacking for Vellum sims
    • Soft body optimizations for muscle, tissue & skin sims
    • Constraint browser to manage and viisualize Vellum constraints
  • PDG / TOPS
    • Robust & mature environment; lowest learning curve since inception
    • Growing number of Houdini tools with built-in PDG support
    • Ability to embed TOPs directly into SOPs, complete with tile GUI
    • Gradual elimination of NFS reliance to facilitate cloud deployment
    • RPC-based transfer of work-item data
    • Custom file transfer handler
    • File transfer flags on attributes
    • Advanced controls for work-item regeneration and cooking
    • Lock flags to freeze individual TOP nodes
    • Ability to save selected work-items to hip file
    • Ability to use macOS/Linux farms without ambiguity
    • Improved Deadline and Tractor scheduler support
    • Updated MQ Server with better reporting and customization
    • Improved services panel with background service startup
    • Expanded logging capabilities across the board
    • More efficient job management with work-item info window
    • Automated detection of attribute usage in expressions
    • Ability to make nodes static or dynamic based on attribute flow
    • Feedback of attributes in loop
    • Easier and faster navigation and visualization
    • Switch, Null, Output TOPs to display the work-item dots of their inputs
    • Better TOPs UI performance
    • Deprecated ‘mapper’ concept in favour of ‘partitioning’
    • Dozens of other features and usability enhancements
  • Modelling / Geometry
    • Redesigned curve drawing with Bezier handles and corner rounding
    • Interactive curve editing embeddable in any HDA
    • Enhanced UVFlatten & UVLayout algorithms and UX
    • Non-manifold mesh support in Topo Transfer
    • Ability to mask rigid areas in Topo Transfer
    • Enhanced GLTF mesh and texture export
    • Volume deformation framework
    • Volume<->Lattice round tripping
    • Artist-friendly volume noise tools
    • VDB extrapolation and merging
    • More attribute manipulation nodes such as AttributeFill
    • Dozens more verbified/compilable SOPs
    • Powerful ability to invoke a compiled SOP graph
    • Many other modelling tools in SideFX Labs
  • Solaris for Lighting & Rendering
    • Comprehensive Houdini scenee importer
    • High-level tools to enhance new user experience
    • Better motion blur generation for fast moving primivives
    • Background plate tool for holdouts
    • Opition to pause viewer updates
    • Much faster GL rendering of transformable instances
    • Viewport support for camera exposure attribute
    • Per-renderer viewport setting for overrides, purpose, and load mask
    • Support for baking viewport overrides into Inline USD node
    • Forground image overlays in viewport
    • Implicit prototypes viewable in scene graph
    • Ability to pin commonly accessed primitives in scene graph
    • Python plugins for custom objects & render metadata
    • Quick visualization of arbitrary output in VOP networks
    • Specialized node for material property editing
    • Initial support for MaterialX workflows
    • Complete suite of MaterialX VOP nodes
    • Background rendering of snapshots
    • Interactive click-to-focus feature for Karma snapshots
    • Updated Karma LOP for fast and convenient reender setup
    • USD 21.08
  • KineFX
    • Evolving Framework with current emphasis on motion data & physics
    • Realtime moca-pdriven puppeteering with body & facial data streaming
    • Support for all major mocap software such as Xsens and Faceware
    • Key pose extraction from motion clips with dense animation data
    • Advanced controls for behaviour outside of motion clip range
    • Per-joint blending in all motion clip editing tools
    • Easy to add procedural secondary motion: overshoot, lag, jiggle, spring
    • Non-destructive rig layering combined with animation layering
    • Workflows to blend physics-aided animation with motion clips
    • Ragdoll dynnamics for hero characters with embedded full-body IK
    • Ability to specify custom collision geometry and rig control geometry
    • Motion-path handle ofr keyframing in Rig Pose
    • Improved animation baking controls in Rig Pose
    • Multi-selection of joints faster in the 3D viewport
    • Enhanced skelton blending
    • Handy utilities for rig and rig-control visualization
    • Improved reverse foot and realistic shoulder behaviour
    • FBIK-aided hip leaning for more realistic terrain adaptation
    • Redesigned capture layer paint tool
    • High-level tool for biharmonic capturing that simplifies typical setups
    • Streamlined workflow to create and mobify blendshapes
    • Custom metadata support for crowd agents
    • Redesigned workflow for geometry layering of crowd agents
    • Support for FBX multi-layered textures & other layer elements
    • Dedicated UE5 plugin support with HEngine
    • Direct character import into Solaris
    • GFLTF animation, light and camera export
  • RBD Destruction
    • Ability to track RBD age, i.e. time since activation
    • Mutch faster unpacking of packed fragments
    • Ability to set and edit constraint properties
    • Large-scale packed object support for debris genaration
    • Artist-frendly mechanism to emit pyro dust from RBD sims
    • pscale and scale handling of packed RBD objects by Bullet solver
    • Cone angle support for finer control over connecting adjacent pieces
    • Enhanced clustering of pieces support via groups
    • Ability to account for forces before or after solver execution
    • Faster, more accurate and powerful centroid extraction
    • Full transfer of vertex attributes to interior surface during fracture
    • Abiity to convert deforming geometry to animated static packed objects
    • Enhanced visualization of guided and non-guided pieces
    • Constraint browser to manage and visualize RBD constraints
  • 3D Viewport
    • Distant light support via cascading shadow maps
    • Light bloom and halo effects
    • Particle sphere lighting
    • Seamless display of volumes with volumetric fog
    • Volume ambient occlusion and filtering
    • Silhouette selection mode
    • Improved snapping accuracy
    • First-person (WASD) navigation
    • Better HDR antialiasing of very bright edges
    • Shading mode for objects with MatCap texture
    • ‘tangentu’ & ‘tangentv’ support for normal mapping
    • Terrain material able to visualize up to 10 different layers
    • Faster rendering of scenes with thousands of objects
    • GPU-accelerated blendshapes for packed crowd agents
    • Auto clipping-plane adjustment while tumbling
    • Much faster background texture loading
    • Fast rendering of cutout objects
    • Support for EDR values on macOS
    • Python API for limitless 3D handle customization
    • Framework for customizable HUD overlays (in progress)
  • Houdini Engine / Plugins / Scripting
    • UE5 plugin with Nanite, Geometry Collection and Chaos support
    • UE5 plugin skeletal mesh support for KineFX
    • WIP: UE5 support for World Partition
    • Enhanced Unreal LiveLink bridge with blendshape support
    • Point, face and edge support in 3ds Max plugin
    • Ability to bake HDAs to 3ds Max layers
    • More fully featured MaxScript API
    • HDRP/URP support in Unity plugin
    • Custom tilemap input type for Unity
    • Curve handling enhancements in Unity plugin
    • Auto-create PDG Asset Link and filter TOPs by name in Unity plugin
    • HEngine API (HAPI) functions to control COP resolution limits
    • More efficient ways to create and work with input curves in HAPI
    • Ability to get/set array attributes and groups in HAPI
    • Support for more integer attribute types in HAPI
    • Many GLTF export enhancements, including lights & cameras
    • Improved VEX wrangling UX: line numbers, zooming, selections
  • SideFX Labs
    • VAT3.0: 20+ features with high-fidelity data encoding
    • VAT3.0: drastically reduced memory footprint
    • Polygonal slicer for creative cutting of geometry
    • Symmetrical polygon mesh reduction
    • Artist-friendly EdgeDamage and RopeWrap tools
    • Curve boolean operator
    • Randomized selection and direction
    • Calculation and optional removal of UV distortion
    • FileCache with embedded PDG network for fast wedging
    • PDG-powered image metadata extraction
    • Enhanced network walking
    • Attribute importer into COPs
    • Convenient screen colour sampler
    • Custom map style support in Mapbox
    • Handy paint brushes for network annotation
    • Enhanced texture baking
    • Powerful Flipbook Texture exporter to game engines
    • World composition helper for Unreal Engine
    • PivotPainter 2.0 support for Unreal Engine
    • Project archiving
    • Procedural tree generation
    • All tools now python 3.X compatible
    • Documentation included in main Houdini docs
    • .Everything with support for python 3.7 on by default

テキストで情報がなかったので、動画の最後にあったアップデート内容をテキストに起こしてみました。にしてもすごい量…。「Houdini 19」の公式発表イベント「Houdini 19 Launch Reveal」が10月18、19、21日にThe View Conferenceのオンラインポータルで、その後10月18/28/29にYoutubeLIVEで利用できるようになります(現地時間)イベントでの詳細発表も楽しみですね。是非チェックしてみてください。


Houdini 19 HIVE | SideFX

Screenshot of



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